Short Term agreement

1: This is a Short Term Rental agreement   is between:


Here on known as lessee

And     Mike lux known as property owner responsible Of the house.

2: agreement is for the short term leasee  only Short Term Rental agreement House 

In Llugar polígono 1. 32 san Carlos ibiza 

Camí des Fill Poligono 1. N 32 San Carlos 07840 Santa Eulària des Riu  ESPANIA  SPAIN

 The term of less Short Term Rental  shall run from :

Arrival:_________/__________201___       Departure :_________/_________/201____

 Balance to be paid:___________________€     Electric meter:____________________

3: said property at Poligono 1. N 32San Carlos  07849 Santa Eulària des Riu  ES

Include entire home 5 DOUBLE BADROOMS 3 WC  ,1  air condition portal.+1  air condition electric appliances , 2 washing machine ,  dry close , machine, cookware , furniture , 4 televisions ,

4 DVD systems, dishwasher  , 50 towels , lines ,    Stereos, pool 3 and more .3 fridges ,  2 receivers for cable satellite tv , and more ....

4: upon departure , all blankets , bedspreads and pillows shall be placed on bed .

5: lessee agrees that He/She and His/Her. Gust will take good care of the house  in Poligono 1. N 32 San Carlos   07840 Santa Eulària des Riu  BALEARES SPAIN.

And it's contents ,and leave it in as good as condition as it was upon arrival . If anything is broken or ruined at the fault of the lessee , He/She Will be responsible for all repairs .

6: Upon completion of this agreement , rent is to be paid in full to the property responsible OWNER mike lux  along with a Security deposit ________________________€, .

Security deposit will be held by property owner/ responsible  and will be returned as soon as owner has inspected property and found it to be in good condition. (-199€ cleaning fee)

Lessee agrees to allow mike lux property owner/ responsible to withhold any amount due from security deposit for damage caused by lessee's neglect or abuse. Lessee also agrees to pay all

repairs and labor over and. Above deposit amount for damages to said property. 

7: Lessee Will notify mike lux property responsible owner  immediately of any non working apparatus or appliance and property owner agrees to have it repaired as soon as possible .

8: Lessee agrees to give access to repairman or Property owner /responsible at any time for emergency or repairs that need immediate attention .

9: Lessee may not tamper or Disconnect any cables or the television system , any such damage will be at the expense  of the lessee .

10: Lessee agrees not to have more then 10 Pepole sleep in the house at any given time .

11: Lessee agrees no to have any parties in the house during the duration of the lease .

12:  Lessee agrees not to conduct any illegal activity in the house .or party in the house.

13:  Mike lux is not responsible for loss or Damage of articles owned by lessee .

14: Lessee agrees to vacate the house by 11:00 am.unless aaagreed otherwise abut the Departure time.

Lessee and mike lux property Owner responsible agree to the above terms.

 Date:_________\__________201___  Mike lux       Tel:0034-671457000                         

Signature  /Firma:________________________


Tel:_________________________________Pasport/dni    _______________





SWIMM AT YOUR OWN RISK        http://www.holidayvillainibiza.com/hgy77777.jpg

Swimm At Your Own Risk AGREEMENT (cris )


Make sure that both children and adults use the pool supervised.

 Never allow the pool to be unattended if it is accessible.

>When done using the pool, clear out all pool toys so that children are not tempted by them.

> Require that guests supervise their children when visiting.

>Do not allow an intoxicated person to use the pool.

>Make sure that life saving devices are kept nearby and in good condition.

>Never rely on floatation devices to protect individuals using the pool from drowning.

>Any individual(s) committing acts of vandalism to the pool, pool house, equipment and/or surrounding area will be held responsible for cleaning and/or pay or repair of damaged items.

                               Swimm At Your Own Risk AGREEMENT


All guests  swimm at their own risk at all times. Parents are responsible for their minor children and should be vigilant, recognizing that drowning can occur in as little as thirty seconds  Swimming in the pool it is on your own responsibility and Your Own Risk. Users of the pool   agree that he/she/they will be responsible for any and all legal fees  for any proceeding or action brought under or with relation to this Agreement.


I recognize and acknowledge that there are certain dangers and risks of physical injury while swimming and using the pool amenities. I also understand that in order to be allowed to use the swimming pool I must give up my rights to hold Mike Lux  liable for any injury or damage, which my family members, my guests, or I may suffer while utilizing the swimming pool amenities. I voluntarily agree to assume the full risk of any and all injuries, damages or loss, regardless of severity, that my family members, my guests, or I may sustain as a result of using the swimming pool. I further agree to waive and relinquish all claims against Mike Lux that I, my family members, or my guests may have as a result of using the swimming pool.

 INDEMNIFICATION AND RELEASE OF LIABILITY In return for MIKE LUX  allowing me to voluntarily utilize his swimming pool , I agree:

 1. TO ASSUME AND ACCEPT ALL RISKS arising out of, associated with or related to my use of the swimming pool amenities, even though such risks may have been caused by the negligence of Mike Lux.

 2. TO BE SOLELY RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY INJURY, LOSS OR DAMAGE which my family members, my guests, or I may sustain while using the swimming pool amenities in Mike Lux swimming pool, even though such injury, loss or damage may have been caused by the negligence of  MIKE LUX  HOUSE

 3.I understand that there is NO LIFEGUARD ON DUTY and that an adult must accompany children at all times. I understand and agree that by signing this Agreement, I am assuming full responsibility for any and all risk of death or personal injury or property damage suffered by me, my family members, or my guests while utilizing the swimming pool amenity. I understand and agree that this Agreement will be binding on me, my spouse, my heirs, my personal representatives, my assigns, my children and any guardian ad litem for said children. I understand and agree that by signing this Agreement, I am agreeing to release, indemnify and hold MIKE LUX  harmless from any and all liability or costs, including attorney’s fees, associated with or arising from my use of the swimming pool amenities. I do hereby fully release and forever discharge MIKE LUX  from any and all claims for injuries, damages, or loss that I, my family members, or my guests may have or which may accrue to me or my minor child/ward and arising out of, connected with, or in any way associated with the swimming pool amenities.

I acknowledge that I have read and understand this agreement and that I understand the words and language in it. I have been advised of the potential dangers incidental to utilizing the swimming pool . Knowing this and in consideration of being permitted to use the swimming pool, I hereby voluntarily release MIKE LUX  from any and all liability resulting from or arising out of my use of the swimming pool amenities. I understand and agree that I am releasing MIKE LUX , volunteers and representatives of that entity. I have read and fully understand the above important information, warning of risk, assumption of risk and waiver and release of all claims. I UNDERSTAND THAT THIS IS A LEGAL AGREEMENT. It is binding upon me as well as upon my heirs, next of kin, executors, administrators, assigns and representatives, in the event of my death or incapacity. I HAVE READ AND UNDERSTOOD ALL THE TERMS OF THIS AGREEMENT, and by signing this agreement voluntarily I am agreeing to abide by these terms.


 I have read and voluntarily sign this release and waiver of liability and indemnity agreement, on behalf of myself and any representatives, heirs and next of kin. 

DAY________/_______/_____________ IN IBIZA SPAIN                               > Signature (must be over 18 years of age)


> Name ___________________________________________________________________


> PASPORT/  D.N.I:____________________________________> TEL: ___________________________________






CORTO PLAZO ACUERDO                  http://www.holidayvillainibiza.com/hgy77777.jpg


                     Corto Plazo ACUERDO

1: Contrato Este ACUERDO de alquiler a corto plazo

está entre : _______________________________________________________________________________

Aquí en la conocida como arrendatario

Y     Mike lux conoce como dueño de la propiedad responsable.

2 : contrato es para el corto plazo del arrendamiento sólo a corto plazo contrato de alquiler . casa

En Llugar poligono 1 . 32 san Carlos ibiza

Camí des Rellene Poligono 1 . N 32 San Carlos 07840 Santa Eulària des Riu   ESPAÑA

El término de menos corto plazo de alquiler se contará a partir :

Llegada: _________/__________201_____       Salida: _________/__________/201_____

Saldo a pagar : ___________________ metros € Electricidad : ____________________

3 : dicha propiedad en Poligono 1 N 32San Carlos 07840 Santa Eulària des Riu ES.

Incluya toda la casa 5 DOBLE the badrooms 3 WC, 1 de aire acondicionado aparatos portal.electric+2 aire acondicionado , 2 lavadora , cerca seco , máquina, utensilios de cocina ,

muebles, 4 televisores, 4 sistemas de DVD , lavavajillas , toallas, líneas , equipos de música , piscina.

3 neveras, 2 receptores de televisión por cable vía satélite , y más ....

4 : a la salida, todas las mantas, colchas y almohadas se deben colocar sobre la cama.

5 : arrendatario acepta que Él / Ella y His / Her . Ráfagas tendrá buen cuidado de la casa en

Poligono 1 . N 32 San Carlos 07840 Santa Eulària des Riu BALEARES ESPAÑA .

Y su contenido y dejarlo en tan buena como la condición en que estaba al llegar. Si algo se rompe o se arruinó en la culpa del arrendatario, él / ella será responsable de todas las reparaciones.

6 : Al finalizar este contrato , la renta debe ser pagada en su totalidad a la propiedad dueño responsable mike lux junto con un depósito de seguridad de ____________________€ ,

Fianza se llevará a cabo por la propiedad propietario / responsable y se le devolverá tan pronto como propietario haya inspeccionado la propiedad y nos pareció que estar en buenas condiciones . ( Tarifa de limpieza -199 €)    El arrendatario se compromete a permitir la propiedad mike lux propietario / responsable de retener cualquier cantidad adeudada por

depósito de garantía por daños causados ​​por negligencia o abuso del arrendatario. Arrendatario también se compromete a pagar todas las reparaciones y mano de obra más y .

Por encima de cantidad del depósito por daños a dicha propiedad.

7 : arrendatario notificará mike propiedad lux dueño responsable inmediato de cualquier aparato de trabajo o no del aparato y dueño de la propiedad se compromete a repararlo

lo antes posible.

8 : El arrendatario se compromete a dar acceso a reparador o el dueño de la propiedad / responsabilidad en cualquier momento en caso de emergencia o reparaciones

que necesitan atención inmediata.

9 : El arrendatario no podrá alterar o desconectar cualquier cable o el sistema de televisión , cualquier daño será a expensas del arrendatario.

10 : El arrendatario se compromete a no tener más de 10 sueño pepole en la casa en cualquier momento dado .

11 : El arrendatario no está de acuerdo en que ninguna de las partes en la casa durante la duración del contrato de arrendamiento .

12 : El arrendatario se compromete a no llevar a cabo ninguna actividad ilegal en la casa.or fiesta.

13 : Mike lux no se hace responsable por la pérdida o daño de los artículos de propiedad de arrendatario.

14 : arrendatario se compromete a desocupar la casa antes de las 11:00 am.unless aaagreed lo contrario tope con el tiempo de salida .

Arrendatario y mike Propietario propiedad lux responsable de acuerdo a los términos anteriores .

                                        Fecha: ____________ \ __________201______        

Mike lux Tel :0034 - 671457000

Signature / Firma : ___________________________

Arrendatario : NOMBRE:_____________________________________________________ Tel : ___________________________Pasport / dni ___________________________

                                   Firma : _______________________________




NADAR BAJO SU PROPIO       http://www.holidayvillainibiza.com/hgy77777.jpg 

Nadar bajo su propio riesgo: 


 Asegúrese de que los niños y los adultos usan la piscina supervisados.

> Nunca permita que la piscina este  desatendida si es accesible a niños.

> Cuando se hace uso de la piscina, limpiar todos los juguetes de la piscina para que los niños no se vean tentados por ellos.

> Exijan que sus huéspedes supervisenn a los niños cuando les visitan.

> No permita que una persona intoxicada use la piscina.

> Asegúrese de que los dispositivos de salvamento se mantienen cerca y en buenas condiciones.

> Nunca confíe en los dispositivos de flotación para proteger a las personas que utilizan la piscina de ahogarse.

ACUERDO PARA  "Nadar bajo su propio riesgo"

> El uso de la piscina de la casa de Mike Lux es bajo la propia responsabilidad  del usuario y su propio riesgo

> Los usuarios de la piscina están de acuerdo en que él / ella / ellos será responsable de cualquier y todos los cargos legales incurridos  por cualquier acción o procedimiento con relación a este Acuerdo.

Yo ....................................................................................................reconozco y acepto que hay ciertos peligros y riesgos de daño físico durante la natación y el uso de las instalaciones de la piscina. También entiendo que con el fin de ser permitido el uso de la piscina, debo renunciar a mis derechos para hacer a Mike Lux responsable de cualquier lesión o daño, que los miembros de mi familia, mis invitados, o yo mismo pueda sufrir usando la  piscina. Yo voluntariamente estoy de acuerdo en asumir el riesgo total de cualquier y todas las lesiones, daños o pérdidas, independientemente de la gravedad, que los miembros de mi familia, mis invitados, o yo podamos sufrir como resultado del uso de la piscina. También estoy de acuerdo en renunciar y abandonar todas las demandas contra Mike Lux que yo, mi familia, mis invitados o puedan tener como resultado del uso de la piscina.

Nombre...................................................                          DNI............................................................


En Ibiza a .............................. de.................................. de-------------------------------